Sen. Kelly Loeffler, co-owner of WNBA's Atlanta Dream, says Black Lives Matter threatens to 'destroy' America

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Georgia, the co-owner of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream who says politics do not belong in sports, doubled down on her stance against the Black Lives Matter movement.

A day after catching heat from the WNBA Players Association and multiple players for sending a letter to Commissioner Catchy Engelbert denouncing the league's endorsement of the BLM movement, Loeffler joined Laura Ingraham on Fox News for an exclusive interview standing firm in her beliefs: BLM is "based on Marxist principles" that threatens to "destroy" America.

She also called the BLM group "anti-Semitic and doesn't support the nuclear family." Loeffler said she will not give up her ownership stake in the Dream despite players and the union calling her to do so.

Loeffler, a co-owner since 2011, wants the WNBA to place an American flag on players' jerseys instead of incorporating anything Black Lives Matter related in the game.

Loeffler, who describes herself as a "Conservative Businesswoman and Political Outsider," is seeking re-election in November. She stood in front of campaign signs Wednesday to address local Georgia media on the backlash.

"What I see is politics coming into sports," she said. "No one has asked politics to come into sports. Sports are about unifying people. People from all walks of life from all political views should be welcomed in sports and to cancel someone because they want to protect innocent life; because they are fighting for the unborn; because they support the second amendment; because I support the constitutional rights that have been given to us by God? Why would that not fit as part of American sports culture? That should be a tenet of sports is to welcome all views."

Guard Natasha Cloud, who helped the Washington Mystics win the 2019 WNBA championship, took Loeffler to task for her stance during an appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on the same night Loeffler appeared on Fox.

"For her to come out and say we’re divisive and that Black Lives Matter’s movement is a divisive organization, I call BS on that," Cloud said. "(The Atlanta Dream) in itself, their starting five is all black females. ... To be a partial owner in that and cheer on the sidelines and support your players, but you don’t support them when they take those uniforms off, it’s a problem."

Last month, Dream guard Renee Montgomery announced she will sit out the 2020 season to focus on racial and social justice issues. Tuesday, Montgomery penned a note on Twitter questioning the Atlanta co-owner's support after Loeffler's initial comments and requesting a conversation on the matter.

While Loeffler's future with the Dream seems to be unclear, she continues to condemn "cancel culture" on social media, saying she will not be silenced by the many people within the WNBA that oppose her political views while encouraging other Americans to speak out for what they believe.