Town approves new rates for golf course

Fred McCormick
Black Mountain News

Golfers at Black Mountain Golf Course will be paying more to play beginning May 1. 

A new rate schedule was adopted by aldermen on April 9 to prepare for the upcoming season at the town-owned course. 

"We generally do adjustments of fees when we pass the budget in July," town manager Matt Settlemyer told the board. "But with the golf course we've made the adjustments to the rates earlier in the spring the last few years."

The current family rate of $1,150 per year will increase to $1,300. Annual seven-day passes for individuals will go from $850 per year to $950, while five-day passes, currently $750, will be $850. Carts fees for members will continue to be $17 for 18 holes and $9 for 9 holes.

One of the most significant changes, Settlemyer said, is a $5 walking fee for pass holders not using a cart when playing before 11 a.m. on weekdays. A cart will still be required for golfers with an annual pass who play before noon on weekends. 

"Those are the prime times when we feel like there's the most demand for the course," Settlemyer said. "Those are the times when we'd like for people to ride."

The golf course, Settlemyer said, is set up as an enterprise fund and "designed to pay for itself."

"This isn't to punish anyone. It's an effort to give people the option to walk but also encourage them to ride when demand is highest at the golf course," he said. 

The new fee schedule also includes a "Player Discount Pass," which can be purchased annually for $200. Player Discount Pass holders are required to use a cart, but receive a discounted rate. 

"It gives people another option other than buying a full annual pass or paying the regular rack rates and cart fees," Settlemyer said. "We're hoping that will generate some more demand for the course."

The new greens fees for nonmembers are similar to last year's. Eighteen holes with a cart will be $35 and nine holes with a cart will be $20. Walking 18 holes will cost $20 and walking nine holes will be $12. 

Some weekend rates will increase. Playing 18 holes with a cart on Saturday or Sunday will be $45, compared to the current rate of $40, while nine holes will go from $22 to $24. The price to walk the course on a weekend will remain the same, $24 for 18 holes and $14 for nine. 

Senior rates, for golfers 60 and over, will remain $30, Monday-Friday.