Sept. 19 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News

Should town property be used to support a private nonprofit?

Let me emphatically state that I am a fan of Children and Friends and the needed services they provide. And, that there is clearly a need for expanded/additional day care. 

Likewise,I am a fan of Town parks and green space. 

But,the question here is not whether you support Children and Friends or the need for additional child care. 

The question is, should the town, a public entity, allow a private not-for-profit corporation to build a private building and private playground on town property? Specifically at a park? 

I strongly believe in public-private nonprofit collaboration, and have been part of many in my 50 years in the justice system. But, these were usually programs, not bricks and mortar, and not one building on public property.

Are there other private or public sites that might be more appropriate? Has there been any consideration of other properties? 

Bill McGuire

Black Mountain

Thoughts on Cherry Street conversion

I understand the resolution to make Cherry Street one way. What concerns me is the traffic pattern chosen.

When the data shows over 50% more traffic flowing south than north, why is it recommended to have the new one way flow go north?

This will make Cherry street inaccessible by vehicle when there is a craft show or festival that closes Sutton Avenue. Both alleys are one way from Cherry Street to Broadway as well. Merchants and restaurants will not be able to receive deliveries when the streets are closed on Fridays for events.This does not make sense.

Town of Black Mountain, what are you thinking?

Peggy Emory

Black Mountain

Future generations will judge us for treatment of the unborn

Our forefathers thought all life was sacred when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence. The believed we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

All citizens and their children have the right to life, from conception to natural death. The world was aghast and condemned Nazi Germany for their holocaust of the Jews and others during World War II. 

Future generations will say the same of us for our holocaust of the unborn child in the womb. 

Carter Blaisdell

Black Mountain