Nov. 15 Letters to the editor

Black Mountain News

What to do on the heels of the midterm elections

What a great teaching our pastor brought us last Wednesday. God inspired him and then inspired me to share these thoughts. 

What do we do after the midterm elections? Study Romans 13: 1-11.

1) Don't let the voting results hinder our devotion to God. Leaders come and go. King David unified the nation; King Solomon built the temple; Paul went through a miraculous transformation. 

2) Believe and affirm God will still be in control after the election. So keep rejoicing in the Lord because Jesus is still our supreme leader.

3) Keep looking to God to supply our needs. Our trust is in God, no in government leaders.

4) Keep on serving the Lord. Our mission to still to live and share the good news. 

5) Resolve to tell someone about Jesus then follow through. 

6) Be spiritually mature and pray for our leaders whether we like them or not.

I learned this recently: Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Propserity. 

We have liberty to lovingly share a Bible verse, or a kind gesture. We have opportunities to recommit our lives to Jesus to honor our Lord with thanks as we study and apply His word. We have responsibility to continue with the job God has given us. 

What should we do after the midterm election? Pray, think Romans 13: 1-11, take action and praise the creator of the universe, Almighty God. 

Bruce and Sylvia Arrowood

Black Mountain