Nov. 1 Letters to the editor

Black Mountain News

Vote against amendments 

There will be more than candidates on your ballot in this year’s election. There will be six NC constitutional amendment proposals. I believe you will find that it’s common sense to vote against all six.

Nonpartisan groups, such as Common Cause and Democracy NC, advocate to nix all six.

One of the amendments is to force voters to present a photo ID in order to vote. There is no plan for what ID could be used and nothing says it will be free. Currently 381,000 eligible NC voters do not have a photo ID: mostly seniors, youth, low income families, those with disabilities, and people of color. This amendment could cost us tens of millions dollars while disenfranchising hundreds of thousands. It’s common sense to vote against.

Another amendment caps state income tax at 7 percent instead of 10 percent. This means that when our state faces an emergency (hurricane anyone?) that requires extra funding, income tax won’t go up, but other taxes such as property tax or sales tax will. Ultimately this amendment only serves the wealthy and forces the middle and lower income families to pay more. It’s common sense to vote against.

Other amendments are either protections we already have in our state or shift power from the governor to the legislation creating an imbalance and giving far too much authority to one group. It’s common sense to vote against.

Want to stop the supermajority that came up with these amendments? Vote Democratic all the way and remember it’s common sense to vote against all six.

Need more info? Check out https://democracync.org/ and vote early starting Oct 17.

Kris Kramer

Black Mountain 

Concerns over proposed changes to election years

Alderman Harris recently penned a Quest Column in the Black Mountain News advocating going to an even year election cycle. He pointed out some possible savings for the Town, if the Board of Alderman were to just skip over this election.

He neglected to say that he would be giving himself, Maggie Tuttle and Carlos Showers another year in office by the stroke of their own pen.

This is where the loss of democracy starts; by denying the populace elections.

If those three think they are doing so a great job they should not be afraid to face the electorate in 2019. Let them know that this attempt to consolidate power is wrong no matter if you are a republican or a democrat. I voted for all three of them in the past but this self appointment to power would have me lament my decision. 

Doug Brock

Black Mountain