Oct. 11 Letters to the editor

Black Mountain News

Taking issue with euthanizing of bear and yard signs 

So, they killed the mamma bear in Swannanoa for instinctively protecting her young. All because a human got a little too close; and this was their habitat long before it was ours. Such primitive behavior on our part; an obvious combination of ignorance and fear. If there was a species on earth more dominant than us, then they could step in and kill off all the vertical two-legged beings who show signs of aggressive/protective behavior. This would reduce the world population by at least half!

Also, as voting season approaches again, the corners and curb sides of our beautiful valley are visually polluted with useless, unattractive signs with someone’s name on them. Does anyone really believe that I, or anyone else is going to vote for a person because I saw their name on a plastic-cardboard sign framed in wire, pushed in the ground for me to notice while I’m stopped at a red light?

What a waste of natural materials in our ever-increasing environmentally impoverished world.

Bill Atork


Would like to hear more from the incumbent candidate 

I am very grateful for my right to vote in the United States and I take that right very seriously. I believe it is part of my civic duty to be an informed voter and for that reason I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the upcoming midterm elections and the various candidates and their positions.

In the past I never cared much or paid much attention to the midterms, and knew very little about who my local congressperson was. I've only recently learned that that person only serves for two years at a time.

This year I am paying more attention to these races and have a desire to understand who is running and what their positions are on various subjects. I've started to attend town halls, local board meetings and forums and debates whenever they are offered.

I've learned that I am currently represented in the House of Representatives by Republican Patrick McHenry. I was eager to attend a debate or a forum to hear what each candidate had to say about how they would represent me if elected or re-elected.

To my chagrin, I learned that McHenry has refused to participate in any forums or debates. Not only that, he has not even completed the questionnaire offered online by the non partisan League of Women Voters. David Wilson Brown has presented thoughtful, considered responses to every question and appeared at town halls and forums sitting beside a cardboard cut out picture of McHenry. So has Phillip Price.

I have written to McHenry's office asking when he will provide information about his platform and when he will appear beside David Wilson Brown but have received no reply. His website shows him going all over the state to talk to businesses.

Why can't he take an hour of his time to sit down with David Wilson Brown?

How can I be an informed voter if the incumbents do not show up?

And how much do they care about their constituents if they don't have the courtesy to provide such information and to give us the opportunity to compare and contrast them to their competition?

Erica Burns

Black Mountain 

Black Mountain Beautification Committee expresses gratitude to Jeff Seitz

The Black Mountain Beautification Committee gives a grateful Thank You to Jeff Seitz and his Appalachian Creek Nursery. Jeff Seitz has donated countless hours and plant material to Black Mountain.

He is the original designer for Town Square and continues to stay in touch by contributing seasonal color. During the spring, Jeff planted the lovely entrance into Town Square. The petunias were a delight to behold throughout the hot, wet, hot, wet summer.

On Oct. 2, Jeff was once again working his magic at the entrance to Town Square. We thank Jeff for your wonderful combination of plants that welcome all into Town Square, the jewel of Black Mountain.

Kate Ramsey

Lyndall Noyes-Brownell


Black Mountain Beautification Committee