May 31 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News
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Is Trump what we want our children to be?

The Seventh Commandment of the Ten Commandments reads: ”You shalt not commit adultery.” We now have elected a president who has violated this commandment. He was unfaithful to his wife after the birth of their son. He has lied and denied about the incident. He therefore broke the Eighth Commandment: ”You shall not bear false witness.”

 The question remains: Why aren’t religious leaders speaking out about the violation of the Ten Commandments? Why aren't people who claim to be morally upright – who condemn others for the slightest behavior which they feel is inappropriate – raising their voices to express concern and outrage?

 Why isn't there an outcry about the leader of our country setting the moral example for our young people? Is this an acceptable behavior for the United States president? Is this what we want our children to learn? Disruption and disregard of family values, truth, and law of the land?

 It is time to end the hypocrisy and tell it like it is about our president. We can’t continue to be silent, to look the other way, to accept his behavior as "normal." As Americans we should stand tall and not cower. As humans we aspire to a higher standard.

Peter W. Schoen

Black Mountain