May 17 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News
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Black Mountain police aid one lucky duck

My husband and I were walking our dog around Lake Tomahawk on Saturday, May 5 around 8-8:30 a.m.  We saw a mallard duck in distress with a fish hook and fishing line attached to his beak. 

I quickly called the Black Mountain police and asked if they knew of a wildlife group to call. They told me yes and they would do that.  But to my surprise, within two to three minutes, an officer drove up and jumped out to help. 

We showed him the duck, and we assisted him.  Now, catching the duck wasn't that easy for sure, but we managed with a little bread as a bribe.  He successfully got the hook out of his beak and threw away all the fishing line. 

I was so busy helping and concerned about the duck that I didn't get this hero's name. But he is a hero to us, and especially to that mallard! We live in the great place, and thanks to the Black Mountain police.  They protect citizens and animals.

Please, people who fish, throw away your hooks/lines and other trash. This never should of happened.

Sheryl King

Black Mountain