May 10 Letters to the editor

Black Mountain News

Disputes commentary on sanctity of Palestine 

This letter is in response to a guest columnist’s article (BMN April 19) on the Palestinians and their right to reclaim “their” land from the Israelis. Free speech and freedom of the press are constitutionally driven rights in our country, which we applaud. However, it is disturbing to read a factually inaccurate, totally one-sided commentary, dealing with long-standing very complex geo-political and religious issues published in your newspaper. What editorial process does the Black Mountain News follow before publishing a column on a very controversial, heated, difficult subject?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has persisted for decades without resolution, despite endless efforts by the United States, The United Nations, and many other agencies and countries. The Jewish State was created in 1947 by the United Nations General Assembly, which passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be partitioned between the Arabs and Jews, thus forming the Jewish State of Israel. This followed World War Two and the Holocaust where six million Jews were murdered, and many were displaced, so that they would have a homeland (Israel) to live in safety and peace.

Several surrounding Arab nations could not accept Israel’s presence in this region and initiated wars by invading Israel in surprise attacks to annihilate the people and decimate the nation. Israel prevailed, and won the wars; but the Palestinians and their supporters resorted to terrorism (firing missiles, blowing up buses, engaging suicide bombers to kill civilians, etc.) to wreak havoc on Israel. In retaliation, Israel instituted several restrictive and punitive policies to help contain terrorist activities.

The goal, for peace in the region, requires education, understanding, and compromise on the part of all factions involved. Continued diplomatic efforts to mediate a settlement must be encouraged.

Betty Hermelee

Noman Gottlieb, M.D.

Black Mountain

Heartened by Owen football team's big heartedness

I just brought my Black Mountain News in and was so pleased to see the article about Landon Cooper, coach Nathan Padgett and the football team (BMN May 3)! What a wonderful story! We need more of these instead of so much negative news. Thank you to the football players for making Landon's "dream come perfectly true."

Lois Nix

Black Mountain

Ben Scales campaign responds to Todd Williams letter

Because (Buncombe County district attorney Todd) Williams has refused to participate in any public forum, including those requested by The Asheville Citizen Times and BPR, NAACP, League of Women Voters, the African American Caucus, Indivisible Asheville/WNC and others, the Ben Scales campaign ensured that the Citizen Times was aware of the bar forum on April 19 and urged them to have a reporter present.

They also managed a livestream of the forum which is available online in full on the campaign Facebook page, as well as WPVM who additionally provided a live stream. The Scales campaign prioritizes transparency and accessibility, thus it was a priority to make this single forum that the sitting DA had agreed to participate in as openly available for all to watch as possible. 

Ashley McDermott

Media contact, Ben Scales campaign

(Editor's note: This letter is in response to one written by Todd Williams published in the May 3 Black Mountain News. At the time it was received, Williams and Scales were running in the May 8 Democratic primary for Buncombe County District Attorney. On May 3, the McDermott letter was added to the newspaper's online Letters to the Editor section.)

Britten golf tournament thanks its sponsors and participants

The Britten Strong Golf Tournament was more than we could have ever imagined, and would never have been possible without the help and commitment of our community.

A special thank you goes to Brent Miller and the rest of the staff at Black Mountain Golf Course and Terry Frizsell of the Tap-In Grill for providing boxed lunches for the players, and a delicious BBQ dinner to follow.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, especially Janet Blake, Hope Burk, Donette Moore, John Knight and Kenny Ford. To Charlie Lunsford, thank you always wanting to give back, and for having the idea to have the golf tournament for Britten and his family. Thank you to Eddie and Jessica Colley for your time and contributions. Thank you to the 115 players that came out and played and participated in the event!

We would also like to thank the following people and businesses for their contributions of hole sponsorships and raffle prize donations: Merry Wine Market, Wright's Carpets, Jay's Roofing, LandArbor Consulting, GreyBeard Realty, Glo-Marr Products, Thermtek, Azalea Management, Europa, Pulliam Properties, Black Mountain Tire, Beverly-Hanks & Associates, White's Insurance, Old North State Building Company, Arbor Zen Hardwoods, Builders 1st Source, Black Mountain Savings Bank, Cottonwood Properties, Ken Osborne, Meredith Greene, Wright's Machine & Tool Co., Jerry Morris with State Farm, Diane Morris with Beverly-Hanks, Jerry Sternberg, Black Mountain Men's Golf Association, Black Eyed Susan Catering and Coach House Seafood.

We would also like to thank The Mill Pizzeria, Black Mountain Ale House, Hunters Treasures Pawn Shop, Mac's Grill, Athen's Pizza, Phil's BBQ, Black Mountain Bistro, Squeelin' Pig, My Father's Pizza, Fresh Pizza, Trailhead, Dynamite Roasting Company, Louise's Kitchen, Blue Ridge Biscuit Company, Hey Hey Cupcake, Dark City Deli, Foothills Butcher Shop, Tractor Supply, Gondolier, Okie Dokie's, The Detail Shop, Red Radish, Pepperoni's Pizza, Jon Decker, Bob Washel, Porky Spencer, Score, Pisgah Brewing, Lookout Brewing, Seven Sisters Taproom, Dancing Dragonfly, Wicked Weed Brewing, C.W. Moose Trading Co, Whatever Rents, An Eye For Detail, Jack's Mountain Preserve, Marion Lake Club, Take-A-Hike, Seven Sister Art Gallery, Hilltop Haven, Cheshire Fitness, Carolina Concrete, the Olingers and Tyson's Furniture.

To the Olinger family, thank you for allowing Black Mountain to help further Britten's Race to Recovery and for coming out and enjoying the day with us.

Chloe Lunsford

Tournament coordinator