Nov. 30 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News
Letters to the Editor

An interesting story for interesting times

Having lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was intrigued by a story I heard from someone who had lived in Taos in the 1990s.

He said folks in Taos kept seeing a Lear jet fly in and out of town, but didn't know who was visiting or why. An accountant friend of his reported that local farmers and ranchers who were clients were offered cash for their land, more than their land was worth.

A pattern emerged. The first farmers to sell their land were either falling on hard times or were ill. One of the town fathers, facing foreclosure on a building he owned in the historic center of downtown, had already sold his building.

Everyone soon discovered that the mystery buyer was a front man for a wealthy client from Silicon Valley, and the town was being bought up to remake it into a sports bar and playground for the rich.

The town leaders, old hippies, and artists who became entrepreneurs, called a town meeting. Someone said, "We can all become millionaires if we want to." The town leaders made their decision. They decided not to sell out.

An interesting story for interesting times.

Patricia S. Christy

Black Mountain