Oct. 26 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News
Letters to the Editor

Kudos to committee for making fall lively in town

The new planters in the downtown area have contributed much to the beauty of our town. Many thanks to the Beautification Committee for their work in keeping them filled with lovely arrangements all summer. Of special note are the new additions of fall pansies, gorgeous colors in stunning combinations which contribute much to the pleasure of all who pass by them as they shop here.

Marita Garin

Black Mountain

Why vote? Because it matters, especially locally

A woman asked me the other day, why vote? Does it even matter?

Yes. Yes it does matter, especially in a local election like Black Mountain is holding on Nov. 7. 

The beauty of our local upcoming election is that there is no gerrymandering. Every single vote goes toward our town. We are not even involved in unfair district splits. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, we are deciding as a town who will oversee the police and other vital services.

Thanks to Democratic Precinct 34.1 for hosting our four Democratic candidates: Weston Hall and Michael Sobol for mayor and Jeremie Konegni and Ryan Stone for aldermen (two positions available). These thoughtful candidates spoke of their ideas on affordable housing, taking time to listen to voters, finding jobs, handling growth, transparency in government, stormwater, and maintaining the look-and-feel of our well-loved town.

Attendees at this event asked about future Town Halls to discuss what's on their minds without first having to get approval from the town board (most candidates said they were open to this). There were several viewpoints and ideas regarding housing; while a resolution wasn't made, these are questions worth discussing with our town representatives.

So, why vote? First, it's our civic duty. Second, we have several candidates willing to listen, share, and do what they believe is best for Black Mountain. Third, if you care about housing, jobs, and building heights in our downtown, then please take the time out on Nov. 7 from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. to have your opinion heard and be an active part of how our town is run.

Contact the Buncombe County Board of Elections at 250-4200 if you have questions or are not sure of your voting location.

Kris Kramer

Black Mountain

Front Porch Theatre puts on top-notch performance

I don’t know much but I know this: we as a community should be proud of our Black Mountain Center for the Arts. Besides workshops and classes for all ages, they give our community wonderful entertainment at the Front Porch Theater. 

I especially want to commend them, and thank them, for their hard work on their recent production of "Freud’s Last Session.” The professional actors, the experienced director, the classic set, the Q and A sessions on Sunday afternoons - it was brilliant, a wonderful and thoughtful experience. With performances like that, the Black Mountain Center for the Arts will soon need a bigger theater!

Sarah Wetzel