Sept. 21 Letters to the editor

Black Mountain News
Letters to the Editor

Had different experiences with mayoral candidates

It is not often that citizens ask to meet with their elected officials, so when we do they usually respond. Every mayor I’ve requested a meeting with has been forthcoming. I find that to be a commendable trait that is in line with our democracy and what elected officials were elected to do .

Mayor Michael Sobol was one of those mayors who was not only open to meeting with me but a joy to talk to. I even found his demeanor while leading town meetings to be one of respect and civility, which is why it was a complete surprise to hear that Don Collins, an alderman, filed last-minute to run against Sobol without mentioning this to the mayor himself.

This gives me great pause because when I asked to meet with Don Collins to discuss a climate issue, he simply refused to meet with me and managed to discourage any more meetings with the rest of the aldermen. I find this not only disconcerting but not in line with the town’s code of ethics resolution. So do the voters of Black Mountain want a mayor who will or won’t listen to their concerns whether he agrees with them or not? 

Steffi Rausch