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Letters to the Editor

Town Rec crew makes another memorable summer

With the summer drawing to a close, I am grateful for memories made with and for my children. 

Many of the opportunities for children in our community are made possible by the creative, energetic and hard-working staff at Black Mountain Recreation and Parks. From indoor and outdoor sports camps, to Summer Adventures day camp, to weekly Park Rhythms, to the Black Mountain Pool and tennis courts, to library programs and parks, greenways and Rec Park trails and Frisbee course games, we are lucky to have so much to choose from. 

Kudos to all who are making our small-town life rich and to all who are taking advantage of what is available.

Margaret Hurt

Black Mountain

Pool staff did amazing things this summer

The tally is in - 1,700 of us were welcomed by Lake Tomahawk pool manager Beth DuBrock and staff this 2017 summer season.

On any given day, hundreds of people were safe-guarded by lifeguards adhering to Red Cross techniques and protocol, a daunting responsibility by any measure.

Accolades to Beth DuBrock for bringing her unique high energy and enthusiasm to Lake Tomahawk pool management these past two years. Numbers are up for lap swim, aqua fitness classes, swim lessons.

Additionally, since 2013, Beth has been the volunteer coach for the Black Mountain swim team, developing the team from 23 children in 2013 to a membership of 140 this year.

Black Mountain is a better place in which to live because of her work and dedication.

 Danielle Lavery

 Black Mountain

Peggy Buckner would have said it first 

I wish to express my appreciation to the Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce for their dedication of the 40th annual Sourwood Festival to my late wife Peggy Buckner. 

She thoroughly enjoyed her years of involvement with the festival and along with friends helping wherever she could. She would have however been quick to point out that the large number of other volunteers who gave of their time and energies is the real strength behind the success of the festival.

Thank you Bob McMurray, Glenda Morrow, the chamber board and Sourwood Committee for honoring Peggy in this way. Congratulations on another successful Sourwood!

John Buckner

Black Mountain

Trestle Crossing from railroad tracks is “eyesore”

Two items seemed to have been glaringly omitted from Mr. Joe Cordell's presentation to the preservation commission last month. First of all, he and his entourage did not seem particularly interested in nor have a remediation plan to address the underground spring on the property, nor the serious run off that occurs every time it rains with any pace

Secondly, there was never one artist's rendering of what his ridiculous building will look looking north on Broadway from the railroad tracks. It's pretty obvious why this rendering was omitted. It would surely show the building for what it will be: an eyesore of immense proportions. 

I hope the Historical Preservation Commission will address these items at the next meeting on Sept. 20 when Mr. Cordell will submit a new plan. I hope the community will be there in the same numbers as the last meeting to continue to express our dismay.

Betty Tignor

Black Mountain