Letters to the Editor

Warren Wilson student gets her argument wrong

The Warren Wilson student writing to this paper complaining about her campus being divided by Republicans is misinformed (BMN Nov. 17). That campus has been divided into two precincts by Warren Wilson Road for many years by Democrats, probably since before she was born.

She also wanted a voting site on her campus, but there is one a mile (less for some students) away, within walking distance for a “green” school full of fit youth. Some students have cars or bikes; the school has vans. She had 18 days to go one mile to vote.

Was she concerned about residents who usually vote at Bee Tree who would have to find parking on the Warren Wilson campus had the site been there instead? Should there be costly voting sites at each retirement village where people can neither walk nor drive themselves?

My ancestors died for my voting right. I vote, sans whining, despite any difficulties. Perhaps the government student should instead ask why N.C. is one of the few states in which no voter has to prove his/her identity or why many states have no early voting at all, yet N.C.’s 10 days of it were ruled discriminatory by U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Janet Burhoe-Jones


Ministry thanks all who help it do its work

With this season of thanks, Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry is so thankful for the support of this amazing community we call home. It never fails when we put out the call for specific needs, this community responds.

Thanks to all the churches who all year long support the Ministry in so many ways, to our volunteers who donate countless hours, and to all those who donate food, clothing and other items. To all our donors a special thank you for helping provide the funds needed to assist clients with their needs.

A special thanks to First Baptist Church Black Mountain for providing space for the homeless shelter’s seventhseason. They heard the call and answered by opening their doors from November 1 through March 31 on the coldest nights of the season when temperatures fall to 38 degrees and below. They allow SVCM and our homeless shelter to have the space needed for sleeping, eating, showers, and laundry. This means so much to those who come through the doors seeking shelter, but also to the countless volunteers who give of their time volunteering at the shelter, who help provide meals, and donate personal care and other items. So many men, women, and families have been given shelter from the elements at First Baptist.

This summer, First Baptist Church allowed us to open on Wednesday afternoons to provide showers and laundry to the homeless. This allowed them the opportunity of having clean clothes and showers during months the shelter is not open.

Thanks to all who are the heart of this community that help our less fortunate neighbors.

Cheryl Wilson

SVCM executive director

Families appreciate the show of love received

The Glenn and Lunsford families would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Black Mountain and surrounding areas for their unselfish acts of kindness during this heartbreaking time.

The food, the cards, the flowers, the prayers, the visits, the donations to Brother Wolf and everything you have done to make this unbearable situation easier - you cannot imagine how the outpouring of love has touched us. Thanks again, and it has been said there is no better place to live than here.

Boots Glenn

Black Mountain