Letters to the Editor

Missing the town’s ‘favorite reporter’

“Heart” is right. As editor Paul Clark has written, our town’s Barbara Hootman has reflected the heart of our town as well as the heart of The Black Mountain News (Nov. 3 BMN). Many have taken the paper just for the articles which Barbara wrote.

Identification with and appreciation for her fellowman are attributes which our society is short on. But not Barbara. And who among the paper’s readers is not more educated about, and more appreciative of, the rich wildlife which blesses our area? Black Mountain will miss its favorite reporter.

She is a tradition in herself. For a job well done, Barbara, for a job very well done, we thank you.

Ray and Bronte Lamm

Black Mountain

Resist hatred by wearing safety pins

With incidences of hate and violence increasing in our country, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI, the Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Universal Congregation Of Swannanoa Valley urges you to wear Safety Pins to stand up with us to protect vulnerable people. By wearing Safety Pins we identify ourselves as willing to use nonviolent means for support.

Safety for our families and all Americans is paramount. Safety Pins remind us to resist hate, violence, and bullying while sending the message that we are allies for the most vulnerable and will take action to protect us all.

Jane Carroll


No one writes about nature

like Barbara Hootman

This journalist is extremely good. No one can write about nature, birds, animals, seasons like she can.

I live in Atlanta, and my friend, Philip Arnold, who lives in Montreat, sends me her article every time it is printed and I in turn give it to my daughter and granddaughter, age l0, to read. It is beautifully written and informative. I appreciate nature so much more because of her writing.

It breaks my heart that you are cutting back and losing the most valuable part of your newspaper. I hope somehow I will be able to continue reading her work somewhere somehow.

Avis Fox

Stone Mountain, Georgia