Letters to the Editor

Supports contention Revelations doesn’t condone violence

I appreciate Bob Montgomery's criticism (BMN Aug. 11) of the use of the Book of Revelation to support violence and oppose world government.

The Bible's representations of God as violent challenge me to ask whether I am reading in the spirit of Jesus. Filled with the Holy Spirit in his baptism, Jesus embodied love of God and neighbor. The Bible's depictions of a violent God are by believers who are not writing in the spirit of Jesus. I see it as a test: am I captive to the spirit of domination and thus enthralled with the world's violence? Or am I filled with Jesus' love?

Jesus intended the kingdom of God, his message of divine presence gathering people in love and justice, to be worldwide. World government, like our government, can be shaped in the spirit towards peace and justice or in the spirit of violent domination.

Not only do I read the Bible, the Bible reads me. Do I live in the spirit of Jesus that takes away the occasion of war and oppression, or am I subject to our world's powers of domination?

Mel Keiser

Black Mountain

Backs Nancy Nehls Nelson for county commission seat

I had the opportunity recently to meet Nancy Nehls Nelson, candidate for Buncombe County District 2 commissioner, and what a pleasure. It was clear to me after talking with her that she will be a positive and a proactive advocate for the citizens of District 2.

Nancy is dedicated to ensuring that all Buncombe County students receive a first-rate, comprehensive education. Attracting new jobs to Buncombe County is a must to Nancy, and she will work hard to bring new jobs and opportunities to our county. Planned, conservative use of our treasured land to promote open spaces throughout the county is something Nancy has worked on in the past and will continue to advocate for as a commissioner. In order for all residents of Buncombe County to take advantage of our great opportunities, Nancy will advocate for an enhanced countywide transit system.

I’m convinced Nancy will work hard for us and make sure our voices are heard in Buncombe County. I encourage all District 2 voters to take a look at her candidacy and background and give her serious consideration as our Buncombe County District 2 commissioner.

Linda Lindsay Stover


Black Mountain is lucky to have a pool like that

A big shout of thanks to Black Mountain Recreation and especially Beth (DuBrock) and her dedicated staff at the Black Mountain Pool for a job well done.

So appreciate this gem in our town – especially the lap swim!

Pat Ward

Black Mountain

‘Messy’ people will create

messy politics

Leroy Goldman’s cynical presentation and interpretation of this political campaign and its outcome (BMN Aug. 11) is both appealing and disturbing. If we follow his lead, we will all sit tight in our smug little world saying, “I told you do,” regardless of the outcome.

It takes guts to get involved in a messy campaign and our system of government. But we are all messy people. Unfortunately, we become so obsessed with how great/clean/perfect/good we are, or strive to be, that we fail on the test of genuine humility.

Bill Janes

Black Mountain