Letters to the Editor

Many hands help museum

with rummage sale

As we here at the Swannanoa Valley Museum & History Center approach the end of our fiscal year Aug. 31, the more than $3,000 made at our annual Rummage Sale will help us continue to operate in the black and provide exhibits, programming and preservation services to the many residents of our very historic valley. It took many hands to make last weekend’s annual rummage sale a success.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of many Swannanoa Valley residents. First and foremost, I would like to thank our treasurer Yolanda Smith for organizing this event every year. It takes an incredible amount of work, and we so much appreciate it. Special thanks also go out to the Tysons, Mary Hemphill, Mike Sobol, First Inc., Eloise Styles, and St. Mary Margaret Catholic Church.

Many thanks also to the dozens of willing workers who picked up and transported donations and also all those who helped set up for the sale and clean up afterwards.

And, finally, thanks to all the folks in the Swannanoa Valley who donated items for the sale and who came and purchased items from us on Friday and Saturday. If you donated items and did not receive a tax receipt, please give us a call at the Museum (669-9566), and we’ll send you one in the mail. Again, thanks to everyone who helped make the Rummage Sale a success.

Anne Chesky Smith

Swannanoa Valley Museum director

Disagrees with columns

about abortion, decline

The recent guest columns “The fight for abortion access is far from over” and “Pondering the apparent downward path of our society” (both BMN Aug. 4) treated readers to a healthy dose of depression. A culture fighting for abortion access is indeed on a downward path.

Calling improved health and safety guidelines “sham laws” illuminates Hillary Chiz’ lack of understanding of surgical risks. Referring to a proposed 72-hour waiting period as “potentially harmful” is ludicrous. Was Ms. Chiz talking about tooth extractions, or emergency appendectomies? No!

Fact: Ending the life of an unborn human being for any reason is virtually never an emergency. What’s the rush to exterminate lives when offering women sincere care and viable options is the best approach? Why expand the decimation of future generations of humans? How tragic that we have lost our moral compass to the degree that Ms. Chiz and radical pro-aborts view safety guidelines as dangerous barriers and believe abortion “fast lanes” are health care for women. This isn’t care. I know.

Isn’t the ACLU supposed to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution? That new life in the womb hopes so.

Claudia G. Graham

Black Mountain

Montreat Road bypass is

causing residents problems

We live in the historic district on Connally Street, the historic area includes New Bern, Dougherty, Church and Connally streets. Many Black Mountain residents and visitors use our neighborhood as a “cut-through” to get around the stoplight at the end of Montreat Road where it intersects with State Street.

This cut-through brings much more traffic through our neighborhood; we cannot change that, but we ask that those who do drive through the neighborhood practice safe driving and observe the traffic laws. We and all of our neighbors observe most drivers speeding down our streets and running the stop signs.

On the Fourth of July, we watched cars speed through the neighborhood as people walked back to their cars and homes in the dark from the downtown celebration. We ourselves have almost been hit by cars; just last week, Worth was forced out of the road onto a lawn, almost falling down. Trying to back out of our driveway is near impossible at times.

Drivers should be aware that most of our streets do not have sidewalks. Many town residents, even those who do not live in our neighborhood, enjoy walking here daily and in the evenings.

We fear that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

We have asked the police department to do a better job monitoring the traffic, and we plan to be in regular contact with the police and to seek support from the town in upcoming meetings and administrative processes

Pam and Worth Hester

Black Mountain