Letters to the Editor

More chaise lounges make relaxing at the pool a breeze

I have had the pleasure of enjoying the Black Mountain Pool each weekend since it has opened. Management has fostered a convivial, neighborly, safe, clean and (almost) whistle free environment. Although attendance was aplenty, I was able to find an unoccupied chaise lounge.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a nod to our mayor, Michael Sobol. Last summer, chaise lounges were sparse. Upon my query as to why, pool management informed that all of the missing were in a queue for repair within the town’s maintenance department.

I ran into our mayor on a Tuesday and when I returned the very next day to the pool, I found no repaired chairs there; there were brand new chaise lounges in their place Way to get it done mayor!

So, don’t let the liberal attendance deter you, there is room enough and seats enough for all.

Further, I so appreciate the water spouts in our little park downtown. It makes my heart sing when I drive by and see families on these hot and humid days cooling off for free.

I wish that option was available when I was raising my kids and didn’t have a dime to bless myself with. Those mini fountains are a beautiful addition to our beautiful town.

Rosemary Ostertag

Black Mountain

Thank you to Rick and Linda Harwood

Rick and Linda Harwood of Harwood Home for Funerals, along with staff members, including members of both of their families, and wonderful volunteers know the number one ingredient for a super Independence Day celebration is a cookout. And what a cookout they have year after year.

What impressed me most at the first visit I made to their cookout was the fact that I knew about half of the folks and the other half were strangers to me. When I asked Rick, “Do you know all theses people?” his reply was “No, some are tourists.”

Many of the plates of food were enjoyed by not only the community members and tourists, but by our shut-ins as well. What an advertisement for the little, ol’ town here in the mountains of NC.

I want to thank Rick and Linda and those who helped to make this another successful Fourth of July for our community.

Dwight Bailey

Black Mountain