No free federal money and other Letters to the Editor

There’s no free federal money

I read with interest Ben Marsico's letter in the May 26th edition of the Black Mountain News. All the statistics were very compelling until I got to the last paragraph and suddenly all his statements were brought into question. He stated that Gov. McCrory passed up a $10 billion no-strings-attached offer from the federal government to expand Medicaid.


There is no such thing as a money from the feds without strings attached. Not to mention it is a one-time offer, leaving the state to figure out where future funding will come from.

Darrel Jorgensen

Black Mountain

Black Mountain Tire came to rescue

On Friday, May 27, one of our conference center guests struck a wall and blew a tire. With no spare, this individual called a tow company for transit to a tire store.

When it became obvious the tow truck wouldn't arrive in time to get the vehicle to the tire store prior to closing, we contacted Bill McGee at Black Mountain Tire and asked if he could come to our campus and help the guest. Bill and another gentleman were on our campus within 10 minutes and had our guest back on the road within an hour. We appreciate the Black Mountain Tire team!

Art Snead

Ridgecrest Conference Center and Camps