Letters to the Editor

Mourns the passing of Andy Andrews

The Swannanoa Valley lost a great statesman, historian, war hero and just overall nice guy in the passing of Andy Andrews last week. I looked up to Andy for his knowledge, wisdom and wit. Andy was one of my biggest supporters in Black Mountain politics and always told me that if they are mad at you, then you are doing something right. His life and legacy to our community and nation will live forever. Rest well, dear friend.

Carlos L. Showers

Black Mountain

Development proves aldermen’s courage

The Town Square is looking wonderful! The Black Mountain Beautification Committee is doing a superb job maintaining the flower and shrubbery beds. Likewise, the Black Mountain Public Works Department is performing an equally fine job with the mowing, watering and providing mulch.

Soon there will be completed a sun shelter to shade the mothers as their children play in the splash fountain. Can you imagine how the corner would appear now if the box store had been approved?

I thank our aldermen for their courage and foresight.

Bob Headley

Black Mountain