Thank you, Keith Belt and other Letters to the Editor

Lauds town employee for saving local resident

How good to learn of a warmhearted, caring and unselfish deed of a Black Mountain town employee, Keith Belt, and the Black Mountain Police Department.

Mr. Belt, who on this very dark, cold 15-degree night with about 10 inches of snow was driving on his way home from many hours of clearing snow, discovered a dark object lying on the road and immediately stopped to discover a very cold, incoherent 87-year-old lady, Dot Jones, who had slipped on ice after being dropped off by a taxi following a trip to the hospital.

She was very cold and shivering and had managed to crawl a little distance trying to get herself home. Mr. Belt hastily rescued this pitiful, dear lady and gave her the help she needed. Had Mr. Belt not come along and stopped to aid her and get her home, she probably would have frozen to death soon.

Many thanks also to the Black Mountain Police Department, who very hastily aided in helping this very sick lady who seemed very near death and even sent a car to pick up Dot’s sister.

Many hearts are most grateful to each of you, and all of us are very grateful for your quick actions to spare a very cold, helpless lady. All this interest and sincere kindness of one in need is greatly appreciated by the whole community.

Do hope taxi driver who brought this little lady from the hospital and dropped her off will see the appreciation and help that was provided for her after he left her to do the best she could for herself on this dangerous road. May it be an inspiration to him to have a heart and help others in their dire need.

Carolyn Snypes