Letters to the Editor

Grateful for town employees

I want to thank the Public Services Dept. for the excellent work during the recent storm. This is the first time that the parking spaces on Cherry Street were cleared and that was much appreciated by all of us with businesses on the street.

My neighborhood was given as much attention as other areas when in the past we have been neglected, so thank you for that as well.

I also want to commend Keith Belt for his efforts to save Dot Jones. You are a hero!

God bless you all and may the rest of the year be less stressful and demanding on you.

Connie Pruitt

Manager, Periwinkles

Kindness in our valley

Mr. Anonymous, thank you!

Like so many I was waiting in a long line at the car wash after our snow when my car died. You kindly checked it out and jumped it and sent me to get a new battery.

I watched as people held the door at the post office and two people got out of their cars to assist and elderly lady over the crunchy ice and snow still on the ground.

Such a thoughtful community we live in.

Carolyn Beckner

Black Mountain