ERA, women gains, and other Letters to the Editor

ERA notwithstanding, women have gained

Clever attempt by David Madden (BMN Sept. 17) to secure votes for the liberal left wing. Or maybe he`s been asleep for the past 41 years?

Here is just a small sampling of women and minorities who have achieved success across both the business and political spectrum:

Mary Barra, age 53, CEO General Motors; Indra Nooyi, 59, chairman/CEO Pepsico; Ginni Rometty, 58, CEO/president/chairman IBM; Marillynn Hewson, 61, CEO/chairman Lockheed Martin; Ellen Kullman, 59, CEO/chairman Dupont; Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton, Secretaries of State; Dana Perino, presidential press secretary. And if allowed, I could fill up all the pages of the Black Mountain News with success stories of women and minorities who have had tremendous success over the past 41 years.

Also, we the people of North Carolina voted for a marriage amendment, at some expense, I might add, only to have it overturned by a lower court judge. I wonder would your ERA amendment meet the same fate?

Ron Watkins

Black Mountain