Passing stopped school bus and other Letters to the Editor

Apologies for passing stopped school bus

This is an open letter to all the citizens and visitors of Black Mountain. Today, I made a mistake.

Although mistakes are inherently forgivable, I still feel I should ask the community for forgiveness and explain my actions.

First, let me say that I am from Germany and moved here about three weeks ago.

I love it here and I love the people. I’m still adjusting to the different culture and laws.

In Germany, the law and standard practice when passing a school bus from the opposite lane is to proceed with caution.

I was today caught off guard when passing my first school bus.

I saw that the school bus had just stopped and the children had yet to get out.

Thus I continued to drive on my way. That's when I heard the honking and saw the disgusted looks as I drove by.

It all happened so fast and I was so shocked with the sudden attention that I didn't know what to do.

When I got home and talked to my boyfriend (from here), he confirmed what I had realized on the drive back after the incident, that the law is both lanes have to stop.

I realize this is a good safety law to have, and I hope that I did not offend any parents or the bus driver who might have witnessed this.

I take the rules of the road, as well as children's safety, very serious.

Sorry if a written apology to the community might seem a little ridiculous but I enjoy living here very much and would like to be a part of it.

Julia Meyer

Black Mountain

Please support Hand in Hand fundraiser

Hand in Hand, a community organization comprised of many valley churches and local businesses, has been an immense blessing for our valley’s schools.

Each year, Hand in Hand raises money to provide direct financial assistance for students needing educational resources that they may not be able to afford.

For example, Hand in Hand has helped cover the cost of items such as a cap and gown for graduation, a textbook for a student taking an online class, or insurance and transportation fees for a student playing on a sports team.

I know that all of our Valley schools, students and families are eternally grateful for the support provided by Hand in Hand.

Without Hand in Hand’s dedication to helping our Valley’s students, a lot of needs would never be met.

The next fundraising event will be Friday, Oct. 16 at Black Mountain United Methodist Church beginning at 5 p.m.,right before Owen High School’s homecoming football game.

Hope to see you all there!

Allyn Adcock

Owen High School