Missing wallet and other Letters to the Editor

Missing wallet and newfound appreciation

Last week I carelessly left my billfold in the shopping cart when I was leaving a Black Mountain drug store. Two hours later I got a call from the fraud department of my credit card company asking about charges they thought were suspicious. I then realized my billfold was missing and immediately went to the police department to make a report.

I was interviewed by Officer Chris Craig, who told me he would get on the case immediately. While viewing the surveillance video he was able to identify the pair who stole the billfold. With some good detective work, he located them. By 10 o’clock that night he had the wallet back at the police station, complete with all my credit cards, drivers license and other important cards.

I want to commend the Black Mountain Police Department for the excellent job they do. Officer Craig was professional, skilled,and very caring in the way he responded to my loss. He even came in on his day off the next day to meet me when I reclaimed my wallet. I am very grateful for the dedicated, well-trained and compassionate police force in our town.

Cannan Hyde

Black Mountain

Column presented one-sided view of marriage

Columnist Carole Cameron Shaw in the July 23 Black Mountain News certainly presents a cogent statement in favor and defense of the traditional, heterosexual marital relationship.

But she fails to mention the instances of embarrassing, destructive, demeaning attitudes and behaviors in traditional, heterosexual marriages in our larger world, as well as the sacred, secret branches of our own family tree.

Bill Janes

Black Mountain

Creative Village appreciates the help

It is with great appreciation that I, along with assistant director Tonya Davis and staff here at Creative Village, would like to say thank you to The Native in Swannanoa for having a school night for the center. Thank you also to everyone who came out that night to support the center. It is a blessing and joy to be able to serve our families both here and also those in McDowell County.

Elizabeth Dohy,