Black Mountain swim team, other Letters to the Editor

Extolling the virtues of Black Mountain’s summer swim team

This summer it was my pleasure to take a friend’s daughter to participate in the swim team at the Black Mountain pool.

What I saw at these practices really amazed me.

The coach, Beth Dubrock, was energetic, friendly to all and well organized.

The children, aged 5 to 18, were given seven weeks of four practices per week, plus swim meets with other county teams, for a meager $50.

There is not a better value to be found anywhere around.

Swimmers are taught how to swim using several strokes, to dive and to work together as a team.

There is no better exercise than swimming, which can be continued throughout life.

The benefits of the swim team experience continue into these children’s school year.

To swim laps four times a week in the early morning (in chilly water) and late afternoons promotes personal discipline, commitment and perserverence.

Children with these traits will do better and feel better when they return to school.

The town of Black Mountain would do well to expand the money allotted to this program and other sports programs to promote the physical health, mental health and sports competitiveness of the children of our community.

Children are our most important resource.

Laura Gettys


Bored by the old stereotypes when it comes to homosexuals

How does one respond to Carole Shaw’s old, tired stereotypes of the world’s last scapegoat – homosexuals (BMN July 23)?

In her editorial, she perpetuated the myth that gays are only sexual and don’t love one another.

She also mentioned homosexuals having “enjoyed the full protection of civil liberties for decades.”


I have known gays who have been fired from their jobs and barred from housing.

I have known gays who had their children taken from them and blocked from seeing their partners in the hospital.

I have known gays who have been disowned, disinherited, excommunicated, discharged from the military and shut out from funeral services for their life-long partners.

I have known one 12-year-old lesbian who was raped by her therapist, others who were beaten and one man who was murdered.

I assure you they were not enjoying the full protection of the civil liberties Shaw thinks they have.

Shaw’s arguments aren’t based on any facts and are so injurious, unloving and so ludicrous that I am growing bored by all the well-meaning, but self-righteous, bigots who think they stand on higher moral ground.

Please allow gays to stabilize their relationships and deepen their love for one another through marriage.

And find someone else to throw stones at.

Patricia S. Christy

Black Mountain