Thanks for the Harwoods, and other Letters to the Editor

Found column to be judgmental

I was so overwhelmed at the number of human judgments ascribed to God in Rev. John Frederick Neel’s column, I was at first uncertain how to respond. In the end, I decided to do what ministers like Rev. Neel may never do but should – and that is to apologize to all of the Christians offended by the views expressed in his column.

It is not true that those who support marriage equality are nonbelievers. They are as Christian as every other Christian. For this false judgment, I apologize.

Offensive, too, is the belief that any particular group of Christians knows God's will for our nation, for one Christian’s heart is not more connected to God than another’s. For this judgment, which wounds so many Christians, I apologize.

I apologize for the anthropomorphic university-level divinity training that too many ministers receive. (The term anthropomorphic refers to the habit of ascribing human characteristics to God. This is commonly done in the area of judgment, which often proves to be wrong. The belief that blacks were inferior to whites, for example, was once believed to be God’s will.)

Lastly, I apologize for ministers who bypass Christ’s brilliant teaching on nonjudgment with an artful mix of judgment masquerading as love. They profess to love those they are judging. One look at the hurt faces of those who are subjected to this artful switch should serve as a wake-up call to these ministers that they have failed to grasp the essence of Christ’s teaching on nonjudgment. For this failing, I apologize.

Mary Anne Thomas

Black Mountain

Montreat council seems in a hurry

We are very thankful for all the hours and effort the Montreat town council and mayor put into our town. I wonder if some of the time might be better spent?

During the July 9 meeting, Mayor Letta Jean Taylor did not have time to hear the full report from Montreat College. In addition, councilperson Ann Vincent spend a lot of time explaining why we need a fifth bridge at a cost of over $1 million to cross Flat Creek because of safety reasons for pedestrians as well as vehicles. Yet I wonder why she and the council have spent no time developing a pedestrian walkway out of Montreat nor developing another emergency exit.

If safety was important, then why do we have a bridge that you can not see over the side to exit, as well as one that has a boulevard in the middle? The mayor also suggested that the protest demonstrator in the parade was inappropriate. ?

When you add this to the amount of time that has been spent on the new town hall, as well as the garbage collection, one would think that the mayor and council might ask for blue ribbon panels to get input.

Michael Sonnenberg