Religious rights and other Letters to the Editor

Believers don’t have right to impose on others

In response to the Letter to the Editor “Opposition to same-sex marriage isn’t a hate crime” (BMN May 21):

The Religious Freedom Restoration Acts at the federal and state level have long protected individuals from discrimination, oppression and marginalization. However, those individuals protected by the acts are often not the oppressed or marginalized, they are more often the oppressors and the discriminators.

In the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges, the plaintiff is insisting that the court declare any opposition to same sex marriage a hate crime based on animus. Many Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, who hold the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman, are up in arms to defend their rights to stop others from obtaining the same rights these entities already have.

As far as I see it, this is how it should be: “My religion doesn’t allow me to do that.” OK, fantastic. “My religion doesn’t allow you to do that.” Not OK. Prohibiting same-sex marriage is like ordering a piece of cake and having a complete stranger say, “Waiter, please cancel that order. Those people don’t deserve that cake.” It doesn’t make sense.

Opinions based on religion are legal and encouraged, but when they disrespect the existence or rights of another human being, they must be considered illegitimate.

Wesley Skidmore

Columbia, South Carolina

Appreciates those who came out for veterans on Memorial Day

I would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday, May 23 to the VFW to help commemorate Memorial Day.

We had a great turnout to honor those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we all enjoy today.

We are planning another celebration on July 4th weekend, so plan to come by again. I would also like to thank Hopey and Co. for donating the steaks; they were delicious.

Mike Leary

VFW commander

PTOs are grateful for help

The school communities of Black Mountain Primary and Elementary are grateful to the 2015 summer staff of both Camp Ridgecrest for Boys and Camp Crestridge for Girls for their support. Recently, as part of their staff training week, a grounds service project took place at each school.

Thanks to their help, the grounds look really nice for the summer months; take a look as you drive by. We appreciate the support from these camps, as well as the many other organizations, churches and businesses this school year. Thanks to a supportive community, our schools are getting great support.

Margaret Hurt

Black Mountain Elementary and Primary PTO