Letters to the Editor


Owen Middle School says thank you all

The faculty and students at Charles D. Owen Middle School would like to express a heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers at our recent Science in Action Day. While we were able to thank the majority by name, in the recent article (BMN April 23), we regret that several names were omitted due to space limitations.

In addition to those named in the article, we would like to thank Adam Warwick (The Nature Conservancy), Dr. Teresa Cowan (N.C. Science House), Alec Fehl (AB Tech), Tom Saielli (American Chestnut Foundation), FFA students from Charles D. Owen High School and Brian Maccarelli, Amanda Venturella and Richard Babb (Buncombe County Schools).

This exciting opportunity for all of our students would not have been possible without the generous donation of time and expertise of the many local scientists.

Cindy Sturdivant

Owen Middle School

Black Mountain golf course looks great

Have you noticed the great shape Jerry, Joey, Brent and crew have gotten Black Mountain Golf Course in?

To be congratulated.

Robb and Susan Ross

Black Mountain

Public outcry over Montreat town hall not surprising

It's not too difficult to understand why so many Montreat taxpayers are still upset. In the very beginning, wouldn't a special meeting have been a really good idea to explain the choices and to seek input? That meeting did not occur.

Then when the community was up in arms about the choice of Florida Terrace, wouldn't it have been a really good idea to indeed form a blue ribbon committee called for by the majority of people at the Cottagers meeting last year? That committee was never formed.

The town did send out comment cards to see what the taxpayers wanted. Although many of the cards were not received by the taxpayers until past the deadline for returning the cards, one very clear message came through, with 79 percent of the taxpayers being opposed to the Florida Terrace site.

The very next day after receiving the tally of the cards, the town council voted to move forward with the site they knew the vast majority opposed.

Can you understand why the people are still upset about this sore subject, the largest single tax expenditure in the history of Montreat?

Bill Goodwin