So much to be grateful for ...

So somebody calls you up and says this job editing The Black Mountain News has opened up and you should think about it, you’d be perfect.

You stop to think. You’re doing OK as a freelancer. Better than OK, really. You’re getting lots of work, and things continue to open up. Bigger markets, bigger bylines, fatter checks.

You get to work in your pajamas, and when it snows and starts to pile up, you get to watch it in your office and think how pretty it is to work by.

Hard to beat, but so is an opportunity to work at a great little paper like The Black Mountain News. I mean, people would kill for this job. Imagine the classified: Wanted, editor of weekly in the outdoor mecca of Black Mountain, minutes from the dynamic city of Asheville, working amidst well-educated, professionally successful people of all stripe and manner.

One year after having started, I am so grateful to be working here. Every week, we get to put out a new paper, starting from scratch and scrambling for just the right story, just the right photograph, just the right tone. I’m grateful for the skilled reporters we have in Barbara Hootman (who knows everyone) and Fred McCormick (who everyone should get to know). They work incredibly hard, often after hours, to make sure we cover the Valley.

I’m delighted with Christi Penland, who brings sunshine to the office in her capacity as office administrator. There’s not a problem she can’t solve, with a smile on her face.

And I’m happy to call sales rep Becky Andrade a friend who I’ll miss as she moves on to her next endeavor.

At a time that causes you to pause and consider the warmth in your life, I’m delighted to have found so much of it here. What a wonderful life we have in the Valley.

It’s a wonderful life — isn’t that a song? If so, they’re playing ours.