March 15 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News
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It's past time to protect our children from assault weapons

There are simply no words that can describe or lessen the horror of what happened in yet another school where children went to learn and some never came home.  There are no words that will ever erase the pain and the sorrow of those who have suffered the loss of children, friends and the safety of their community.

There are no words left for the excuses of the nation’s leaders who have abdicated their responsibility to protect our children from harm.

There are words however that can be said that lead to action if only they will be heard.

Two come readily to mind. The first is mental health.  Resources for care of those who need emotional and behavioral help are woefully lacking in America. It is time now to put substantial dollars into every state to build strong and permanent mental health systems.  Congress should immediately allocate the money to do so, as the murder of our innocent ones is every bit an emergency as a category five hurricane.

And then there are two other words: gun control.  Any words to the contrary, guns kill people and assault weapons do so in horrific ways.  It is far past time that a moratorium was placed on the availability of such weapons and far past time that Congress acted to do so.

To protect our children and ourselves, we must act to provide help for troubled minds and we must act to keep weapons of war in the hands of police forces and the military where they belong, not in the hands of those bent on wanton destruction.

To do so will take courage and the resolve to say “enough is enough,” else the words will simply become more excuses to hide behind, and the killings will go on.

Olson Huff 

Black Mountain 

Thanking those who supported Owen Golf 

 We would like to thank the following businesses and people for their support this year for the 23rd Annual Owen Golf Team Tournament:

Brent Miller and the Pro Shop staff, Terry Frizsell of the Tap in Grill, Black Mountain News, Tobacco Road GC, Penland's Furniture, Tyson's Furniture, Mimosa Hills CC, Mountain Glen GC, Mount Mitchell GC, Maggie Valley CC, Marion Lake Club and Crown Plaza GC.

Also, Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce, Black Mountain Bistro, Acoustic Corner, The Detail Shop, Visions of Creation, Hunter's and Treasures Pawn, My Father's Pizza, Phil's BBQ, Gondolier Restaurant, Okie Dokies Restaurant, Henson's Building Supply and Black Mountain Savings Bank.

Also, Cut "N" Up Barber Shop, Pepperoni's Pizza and Pasta, Coach House Restaurant, Hey Hey Cupcake, Merry Wine Market, Black Mountain 10 Minute Oil Change, Black Mountain Sherwin Williams, Louise's Kitchen, Dart Sign and Trophy, Bob Washel, Chandler Carlton, Martha Hudson, Chloe Lunsford and all 104 participants.

John and Connie Knight

Black Mountain

Mobile Medic auto repair shop says goodbye

My dad Endre started Mobile Medic in 1989.  I started working for my dad when I came to the United States from Hungary in 1996.  I took over the business from my dad in 2009.  After many years of being a mechanic it is time for a change. 

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our many customers throughout the years. Thank you.

Tomi and Endre Pasztor

Black Mountain