Nov. 16 Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain News

Recognizing an outgoing alderman

I would like to recognize my friend, Alderman Carlos Showers, for his years of service to the town of Black Mountain. His tireless efforts to improve our town are immeasurable, and his representation on behalf of the citizens of this community will long be remembered. 

His town hall meeting at the library were well attended and helped form his opinions based on input from those in attendance. His interaction with the board of aldermen was based on reason and his vote always counted.

Don Wooton

Black Mountain 

Mayor Sobol responds to the Nov. 7 election

It has been a privilege to serve the town for 14 years as alderman and mayor. I am proud to have led a positive campaign, but unfortunately I cannot say the same of my opponent. 

From the beginning of the campaign, Don Collins said he would not criticize the mayor, but unfortunately his surrogates did, spreading a lot of untruths. 

In future elections, when The Black Mountain News prints very controversial editorials the week before the election, the candidate should be given the courtesy of a rebuttal before the election without being blindsided. 

I acknowledge defeat to Don Collins. 

I might have been defeated, but I did not lose myself in defeat. 

C. Michael Sobol

Black Mountain 

(Editor's note: The "editorial" to which Sobol refers was in the form of a letter to the editor published Nov. 2.)