Pemberton: There’s a holiday tailor-madejust for you

Asheville Citizen Times

As I write this, there are 58 days until Christmas.

Actually, according to the official countdown clock of the North Pole (xmasclock.com) there are 58 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and 20 seconds. No, wait, 15 seconds….14…13…12 ... Oh well, you get the idea.

Point is, although it’s getting closer, Christmas is still almost two months away, and we already have animated elves and chi chi pets filling the aisles at the local drug store. This seems to happen earlier every year, have you noticed?

A few weeks ago I was shopping for the perfect, tacky Halloween costume, and right down the aisle, in plain view, were various sizes of Christmas trees, all lit up for my viewing pleasure. For just a minute I stood there confused, “Why did I come? Which holiday am I shopping for?” Actually, I think that’s the exact reaction they were hoping for. Only confused shoppers buy Christmas trees in October.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and all that it brings. I love the 25 Days of Christmas countdown on the ABC Family Channel. I love the 24 hours of Christmas music on the radio. I love the lights, the trees, the cards and the carols. I love giving and getting gifts. I love our little town’s Holly Jolly Christmas celebration and our fun Christmas parade. I love the manger scenes. I love it all.

It’s just . . . as much as I love Christmas and all that comes with it, I know that if I start getting all jazzed about Christmas in October, by December I will be looking for the closest cliff to jump off.

So, in an effort to avoid being dragged into the Christmas season way too early, I have decided that for the next several weeks I will spend time celebrating some fun and little-known holidays I just discovered. These holidays may be ones you’ve never heard of before, but I think they are worth our attention and affection for the time leading up to Christmas.

November has some interesting holidays. On Nov. 5, you have two choices. You can either celebrate National Donut Day or National Celebrate your Red Hair Day. Or I guess, if you are lucky enough to have red hair, you can celebrate both.

Nov. 6 gives me the perfect reason to eat my favorite food – it’s National Nachos Day!

On Dec. 4 it’s both National Sock Day and National Cookie Day. And here’s a fun party idea – on Dec. 5 you can grab a few of your closest friends and celebrate National Bathtub Party Day. No selfies please.

And dust off your passport, because on Dec. 8 you can celebrate National Pretend To Be A Traveler Day. Seriously, this could be fun. I’m totally going to drag a suitcase to work that day.

For you cat lovers, National Cat Herders Day is Dec. 15. And so you doggie lovers don’t feel left out, there’s National Mutt Day on Dec. 2.

If you are one who is constantly told to stop whining, take heart - your day is the day after Christmas. Dec. 26 is National Whiners Day.

And finally, if you aren’t into Christmas, there’s a holiday just for you – taken straight out of an episode of “Seinfeld.” That’s right, on Dec. 23 you can celebrate Festivus. Festivus for the rest of us, to be exact.

These are all just suggestions, of course. Like all holidays, whether to celebrate them is your personal choice. And, you have until Dec. 31 to decide, because . . . you guessed it . . . in addition to our much-celebrated New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31 is also National Make Up Your Mind Day.