Letters to the Editor

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Accuses Ager's challenger with unfair campaign tactics

Letters to the Editor

John Ager’s GOP opponent recently mailed out a colorful, flashy and nasty flyer to District 115 residents.  I have seen flyers like this where I used to live, but not in these parts.

The flyer says “John Ager Voted Against Protecting Our Children From Sexual Predators.”  He was referring to HB 1021.  As a famous radio commentator often said, “Let me tell you the rest of the story.”

HB 1021 was introduced in early May and titled "Amend Innocence Commission Statutes."  However, the final bill HB 1021 that passed was titled, "Amend The Law Regarding Sex Offenders On Certain Premises."  How could the same bill be about two totally different issues?  This is an example of how government should not work. The GOP General Assembly has done this repeatedly, and now Frank Moretz clearly lines up with the General Assembly’s belief in government  which has no transparency to the residents.

John Ager did not vote on anything related to protecting children. He voted no against the final version of HB 1021, because this is not the way one governs and represents your constituencies. It is easy to conclude that Frank Moretz plans more of the same tactics.

Joe Mazelis