Young builders build a clubhouse from scrap

Paul Clark
Black Mountain News

Scott Anderson is building a house in Black Mountain, and his grandsons used leftover materials to build this clubhouse on the Enthoffer Street property.

“It’s not hugely elaborate, and it’s still in progress,” Anderson, a homebuilder by trade, said last week, chuckling, proud of the boys’ enterprise.

Anderson occasionally brings Cooper Bane, 11, and Brody Bane, 5, up from Bessemer City, where they live, to hang out on the job site while he works. Several weeks ago while it was still cold, the boys started gathering up scrap material and put together this clubhouse.

“Really, this looks like something out of the old days,” said Carol Shaw, who lives on Enthoffer Street. “It reminds me of my childhood and my children’s childhoods. You don’t see too many kids have chances to build clubhouses anymore.”

Shaw loves that Anderson is passing along his love for building to his grandchildren. Anderson said he just likes the boys’ company. As of early last week he hadn’t told them their clubhouse might be in The Black Mountain News.

“They’ll be thrilled,” he said.