Montreat Landcare creates new Hall of Fame

Martha Campbell
Montreat Landcare committee chair

The third annual Montreat Landcare Leadership Luncheon at Montreat Conference Center’s Assembly Inn on Feb. 21 was a time for the Landcare team to come together with representatives of the eight entities represented by our committee in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

Our charge is “organizing projects to protect, to preserve, and to present the natural features of our cove.” We shared successes of the group’s work and ways the community is served when individuals and groups join to work for the greater good. We expressed special appreciation to John Johnson for his leadership with the Hemlock Restoration Project which he began in 2010. That successful project is now being monitored to follow its success.

Knowing that protecting and preserving this valley began before any of us were involved with this committee or the institutions here, the Landcare Committee recently voted to create a Landcare Hall of Fame, to begin to recognize individuals who have worked to make possible the protection and preservation of the natural features of our cove. The initial persons honored at the luncheon were John Mack Walker, Wade Boggs and Dr. Jane Holt. We will add additional persons to this list in years to come.

All are welcome when we meet the first Wednesday of the month, 9 a.m. in the Allen Building. Our next community event will be the Sixth Annual Native Plant Sale on April 28. We look forward to the future, working together to protect and preserve our delicate and wondrous eco-system.

The eight members of Montreat Landcare are the town of Montreat, Montreat College, Mountain Retreat Association, Montreat Trail Club, Wilderness and Open Space Committee of Montreat Cottagers, Certified Wildlife Habitat Program, Wilderness Committee of Mountain Retreat Association and Earth Ministry Team of Montreat Presbyterian Church.