Nov. 2 Letters to the Editor


Letter writer offers support

for alderman candidate

Bob Pauly is one of the candidates for alderman. Bob is a long time resident of our community. He is a man of faith and a loving father and grandfather. Bob has a giving spirit not only in his many volunteer activities, but in his civic endeavors, having served the town on both the zoning board and the housing board.

Bob is the type of person who, when faced with a problem, will look at all options and listen to all arguments before deciding on a solution. I feel strongly that he will make sure that our taxpayer money will continually be spent wisely.

He is a man of integrity and strong values who will represent the citizens of our community well.

Bob cares for this community. He is the voice we need.

Judy Wester

Black Mountain

A candidate who

deserves your vote

There are good reasons why the entire Black Mountain Board of Aldermen — Democrats and Republicans alike — have endorsed Don Collins — a registered independent — for mayor. I know Don to be an enormously decent, humble and down-to-earth man who has worked harder than anyone for the town in his years as alderman.

He has been the real town leader for the last six years, steering the town to debt reduction, fund balance increase and the lowest tax rate of any town in the county. Anyone from town who has ever called on Don for help knows him to be knowledgeable and there almost immediately to help with problems.

He does these things without blowing his own horn and without puffing himself up because this has always been his town and he wants to do the right thing by it. In these days of political meanspiritedness, Don always takes the high road and tries to do what is right for both his constituents and the town.

I hope that on Nov. 7 voters will support Don, he really does deserve your vote.

Dave Landy

Black Mountain

Opposition to crematorium

Many individuals and businesses are extremely distressed that a crematory is being placed in our downtown at 208 West State Street.

The evidence of the very serious toxicity, which emanates from each and every cremations, ought to be enough to convince Harwood Home for Funerals that the best location for a cremation machine is not in our downtown.

Ray Lamm

Black Mountain

Concerns about mayor’s position on affordable housing

Our current mayor, Michael Sobol, continues to tout himself as an affordable housing landlord and claims the most affordable housing you can get is a mobile home. He states “all mobile home parks are not rat-infested drug centers,” but apparently he is not referring to his own mobile home park when he makes this statement.

According to information obtained in public records request from the Black Mountain Police Department, the department has been called to his mobile home park 71 times in the last 23 months for various problems including:

19 civil/domestic disturbances

12 larcenies

12 warrants

7 traffic stops

4 assist/escort Department of Social Services

3 specific calls about drug activity including methamphetamine (not including drug activity related to warrants)

3 landlord/tenant disputes

3 suspicious vehicles/person calls

8 other various calls

If this is what our current mayor feels is an affordable housing park - as he stated, “it puts food on the table,” do you want this next to you? If not, do you still feel he is the mayor for you? He’s not the mayor for me.

Debra Wooton

Black Mountain

Keeping the balance of power

Voters need to think about the imbalance of power that will hold our town hostage if Mayor Sobol isn't reelected. Folks are already riled because of the rampant construction of several high impact developments, the downtown crematorium, and the possibility of an unlawful 3-story structure in the Historic District. The Trestle Crossing's developer is now appealing to overturn the Historic Preservation Commission's denial at the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting on November, 16 at 6PM.

People fear Black Mountain will cannibalize itself like Asheville. They feel they haven't been heard or represented by local government. But we will be heard if we vote for Mayor Sobol, and Jeremie Konegni, who is running for Aldermen. Mayor Sobol has already worked to communicate and compromise with the unreasonable owner of the Trestle Crossing, bringing sensibility and civility to this vanity project, and other development plans in town. He and Konegni are working to promote smarter growth for Black Mountain, keeping others at Town Hall in-check.

With Mayor Sobol and Jeremie Konegni, we still have a chance to change things democratically in our town government.

Please vote and attend Town Hall meetings. And please continue to speak out.

Patricia S. Christy

Black Mountain

Local elections have no party affiliation

In correcting a recent letter to the editor, the election for mayor and two aldermen is Not a partisan election.  Candidates are elected based on their qualifications, not party affiliation. Our local elections have always been that, in spite of that letter's reference to "Democratic candidates."

Having served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment with Bob Pauly for two years, I know him to be a person of thoughtful consideration before action and one of integrity, both qualities in short supply these days.  He has taken the time to talk to Department Heads and others as to what the town is doing in different areas of concern.  He knows the town has no input on state gerrymandering or other state-mandated legislative directives.  Those are individual voter controlled with the state telling municipalities "how it's going to be!" State legislator is who you vote for to change that.

Bob is not one to vote with the majority unless he feels that is the best position to take after hearing all the input.  He feel citizen representation is essential in Board deliberations.  I recommend Bob Pauly for alderman for Black Mountain.

Elaine Loutzenheiser

Letters to the Editor

Black Mountain