Swannanoa, New Zealand wants to know about Swannanoa NC

Paul Clark

As part of Arbor Day and the Maori New Year in New Zealand, Swannanoa School there planted a community garden June 9. The 300 students and teachers have been talking about creating a world garden next year and “putting in the centre something that would acknowledge our connection to Swannanoa in North Carolina,” current principal Brian Price said in an email last week.

“Can you suggest something we could use?” he asked the editor of The Black Mountain News. “We have talked about a totem pole, but we know nothing about cultural appropriateness, etc. Perhaps in your article you could put a challenge out to someone who could help direct us in the area of what we could use.”

Got a suggestion for Swannanoa School? What symbolizes the spirit of Swannanoa, N.C.? Send suggestions to news@blackmountainnews.com, and we’ll make sure they get to the students in New Zealand. And if we get responses and the school considers them, The Black Mountain News will follow up on the story.