Letters to the Editor

Pride and what

happens after that

It will be interesting to see what happens to President-Elect Trump’s power base of his most passionate and loyal supporters when he is unable to produce on many of his promises. Or will he be so successful in making America “great” again for those who can identify with and participate in that “greatness” that he will insure his election to a second term?

But we need not fear! Will he not so ingratiate himself and our country to our most formidable and dangerous adversaries that “all will be well”?

Beware, “great” America and Americans, the fate of the “great” Roman empire!

Bill Janes

Black Mountain

Which birdbrain picks

those editorial cartoons?

Once again, my mostly enjoyable read of your publication, searching for local news, upcoming events and charming local articles that sometimes feature friends or family, was marred by another “provocative” — or rather, another ignorant, simplistic and biased — rendering from Clayton Jones on your opinion page (Netanyahu as the Wicked Witch of the West, BMN Jan. 5)

Sigh! What a sad and juvenile representation of a very complicated, intergenerational tragedy — no matter whose flawed cause you champion!

Does Paul Clark choose these gems, or do they come down from corporate? Was this intended to provoke discourse or just a play to the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel segment of your readership? Personally, I prefer the work of Michael Ramirez, but, realistically, I would not expect you to publish his political cartoons for fear of sending your already apoplectic and traumatized liberal readers over the edge! Election have consequences.

Your letters to the editor and op-eds are fine — free speech and all. But are you deliberately trying to cultivate a liberal-only readership? Could this be why the print media is dying? Just sayin’.

In spite of my wife’s protests over how well the Black Mountain News fits at the bottom of our parrots’ birdcages, I’ve decided to let our subscription run out and occasionally check for news and features online. There is better choice for the reader over content selection, and the Mountain Xpress, which is free, also fits in our parrot cages.

Paul Fetcho

Black Mountain