On Patrick McHenry and other Letters to the Editor

Taking Patrick McHenry to task

Let it be known - Patrick McHenry, the Black Mountain representative to the U.S. Congress, does not share our mountain values. Most recently, he was unwilling to support improving gun safety.

Anyone buying a gun, should have a background check. McHenry is against this sensible requirement. On health care, he wants it the way it used to be - a completely private market that left millions of Americans uninsured (including many here in the mountains). On education, he supports taking millions of dollars from our public schools to be used for voucher programs. Again, he does not support our mountain values.

Prior to congressional redistricting in 2011, he actually was not our representative. It's similar to Russia annexing Crimea. In 2011, our town was taken from mountain representation common with the rest of Buncombe County and “adopted” by the 10th District, which includes six counties “down the mountain.”

Indeed, Rep. McHenry has an office in our town, but he does not give voice to the mountains. Let it be known.

James Munn,Black Mountain