ArtSpace kids donate to Brother Wolf

From staff reports

First graders at ArtSpace met with Denise Bitz, president and founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of Asheville, recently to donate much-needed pet supplies for animals saved from recent flooding in South Carolina.

First-grade teacher Claire Spence and her students continued a developing relationship with Brother Wolf, as her class also donated supplies last January during the ArtSpace Annual Day of Action. Earlier this month, students began collecting puppy and kitten food, along with used blankets and towels, after they received word that Brother Wolf had rescued more than 150 animals from shelters affected by flooding.

“We were helping to provide relief to already overcrowded shelters, as lost pets displaced by the floods are now inundating these already overburdened shelters,” Tamara Berry of Brother Wolf said.

Ms. Claire’s class decided to use the opportunity for service as a part of the annual ArtSpace “Compassion Games” event. The event invites all community members to make choices that will make the school a kinder, safer and a more just place to live and play.

It is inspired by the International Compassion Games that occur each September. Students and other community members worked hard to earn “compassion sparks” (each act of kindness and compassion earned a “spark”) so that flames could be added to the “Compassion Games Torch” on display at the school.

The first grade earned hundreds of points collecting items for all the animals in need.