Letters to the Editor

Don Collins has energy to lead

First off, I strongly support the re-election of incumbent alderpersons Don Collins, Maggie Tuttle and Larry Harris.

They work well together and have achieved many notable accomplishments. Examples include improved golf course conditions (the course is currently running in the black) and an increase in fund balance, even though the debt service has been reduced and the needed capital improvements achieved.

Don Collins deserves special commendation.

I have worked closely with Don throughout the entire development of the town square.

Although Don was initially skeptical, once the town purchased the property, he insisted that the agreement be honored whereby no tax money be used for implementation.

Enthusiastic community support allowed successful fundraising, resulting in the creation of this gem in our town center.

Don was so committed to the square that many days he could be spotted watering the grass or shrubs, laying sod, hauling in rocks and decorative stumps with his tractor, digging post holes or just ensuring proper usage by personally monitoring the events.

At my advance age, I have witnessed politicians of all stripes.

Don is unique.

He carefully weighs every decision and then when committed, totally immerses himself until project completion.

We need to retain Don’s energy and dedication to his Black Mountain.

Bob Headley

Black Mountain