Letters to the Editor


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Was ‘wide awake’ during gains by women

In his clever attempt to secure votes for the extreme right wing [BMN Oct. 1), Ron Watkins responded to my commentary advocating passage of the Equal Rights Amendment by saying, “Maybe he’s been asleep for the past 41 years.”

He lists the “tremendous success” of “women and minorities” in business and politics on high levels. As an active feminist for the past 50 years, I was wide awake and happy when all that happened.

In a lunge of irrelevancy, Watkins laments the fact that a federal court reversed the will of “we the people” when it overturned the anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution.

Next, his tone seems to shift to gleeful hopefulness when he says, “I wonder would your ERA amendment meet the same fate?”

That prompts me, not unkindly, to wonder whether he was asleep in civics class when the teacher stressed the fact that the Supreme Court cannot overturn an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

He may not be awake to the fact that the Equal Rights Amendment, passed by Congress and ratified by the states, would provide constitutional protection of the gains for women’s rights that have already been achieved and for all those destined to come.

David Madden

Black Mountain

Good News for Black Mountain

Thanks to the aldermen, who recently updated a law in Black Mountain that requires buildings, both residential and commercial, to be safe and cosmetically suitable.

This will certainly enhance the view from our Town Square and elsewhere in the city.

I hope the buildings in disrepair will soon be corrected to conform with the new law, as it will certainly improve the beauty of our downtown.

In addition, I trust that this new law will be enforced.

Betty Hermelee

Black Mountain