On travel and other Letters to the Editor


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Travel shows us we’re all one

I bought the newspaper today on my return from a three-week trip to Portugal. Your commentary on travel (BMN Sept. 24) caught my interest.

I agree that it (travel) reminds us to let go and is, as well, a reality check on the fact that we are all one people in spite of our different looks, languages and cultures.

Seems like folks everywhere can reach out.

In my case with a group of plein air painters, we attracted interest, commentary and admiration.

In our home base of Nazaré, we even appeared on a local Facebook page with the caption “international painters” with photos of us in the market, plazas, alleys, marina and beach.

Methinks we all also recognize creativity in each other, however it manifests.

For me it was surely a reminder that when you are open, and risk “putting yourself out there,” be it at home or abroad, you will be transformed.

Barbara Frohmader


Recent column about

fall offers hope

I appreciate the article by Anne Morrison Welsh on “the fall of the year” (BMN Sept. 27). Learning of its context within her fall of the year much earlier gives her testimony a depth that is dizzying, fearful and yet hopeful.

Underneath are the ever-lasting arms.

Bill Janes

Black Mountain