Cristal Rose Fox carves in clay distinguishing her work

Barbara Hootman
  • Cristal Rose Fox’s pottery is a canvas for her unique hand carved designs in clay.
  • Hand carved designs in clay distinguish Cristal Rose Fox’s mystical clay products.
  • Cristal Rose Fox’s unique pottery is enhanced with hand carved designs from motorcycles to flowers.
  • Pottery is transformed into unique art form through hand carved designs.

Cristal Rose Fox, a Black Mountain potter, uses a unique style of carving on clay, making her pottery not only beautiful but collectible.

“I am a mystical and multidimensional carving artist, distinguishing my work,” she said. “I never sketch out a design first, but ‘channel’ the designs onto the clay surface. My designs are inspired by tattoos, mystical symbols, tribal cultures, pop art and the fairy realm. Throughout my travels around the world and the U.S. while studying with numerous artists, I collected art and artifacts that stimulate ideas for designs.”

Art seemed to be Fox’s birthright. Her mother, Faith Butterfield, is a fine leather bag crafter and clothing designer. Her father, Jon Stevens, is a fine art photographer (and friend of Salvador Dali) who became known especially for creating and photographing his “Silver People” models (

Fox attended State University of New York-Purchase College of Art + Design and studied printmaking. She credits printmaking with inspiring her experience in woodcut and silkscreen. She finished her college education at Warren Wilson College, earning a degree in art, ceramics and sculpture, with a minor in religion. She decided to make her home in the mountains.

There is a display of Fox’s pottery at Black Mountain Integrative Care, 106 Black Mountain Ave., and at Pura Vida Gallery, 39 Biltmore Ave., in Asheville. On display in the foyer of the White Horse Black Mountain, a music venue in town, is Fox’s large hand-carved musical totem - her senior project at Warren Wilson College. Her work is also on display in the Magic Love Bus, a mobile triple-decked school bus/stage/café that has made cross-country trips on behalf of good music and better human relations.

“One of my biggest sellers now,” Fox said, “are my custom-made mugs with a logo or design the purchaser wishes. You can choose any design from motorcycles to flowers. Your vision becomes the product. The mugs are environmentally friendly and dishwasher-safe. All custom orders take from four to six weeks to complete.”

Fox is on the LEAF staff as a teaching artist in the Schools & Streets program for the Easel Rider - Mobile Art Lab, which creates hands-on art activities for kids from inside a converted 1984 bread truck. Teaching craft creation to children at local festivals and community events, Fox has also supervised the Heritage Arts Center at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain.

Fox chose to express her art in the medium of clay. She said she plans to make it her life’s work.