Cabin Fever Defeater series returns to Black Mountain

Karrigan Monk
Black Mountain News
Black Mountain Recreation & Parks will be bringing back its annual Cabin Fever Defeater series in 2023.

Black Mountain’s Recreation & Parks department is putting on its annual Cabin Fever Defeater series once again in 2023.

Recreation coordinator Clint Bowman said the series began in 2021 when the department started offering outdoor programming.

“Kind of right in the middle of COVID we started outdoor programming, and we just wanted to keep it going because it was a way to get outside and socially distance ourselves,” Bowman said. “We still keep groups pretty small, and so it really kind of came about whenever our outdoor programming got started as a way to just get people outdoors.”

Bowman said winter is a good time to go outdoors, and he hopes to share that with participants.

“It’s one of the best times to get outside because you have better views when you’re hiking and there’s less bugs and crowds,” Bowman said. “It’s one of my favorite times to get outside.”

The 2023 Cabin Fever Defeater series kicks off Jan. 4 with a Brushy Mountain Hike. Throughout the series, participants will have the opportunity to take part in five different hikes, three riverbank cleanups, two trail-building sessions and two indoor rock-climbing sessions. The final event is a Feb. 3 riverbank cleanup.

Bowman said the activities are designed with everyone in mind so that those at any skill level can join.

Black Mountain Recreation & Parks will be bringing back its annual Cabin Fever Defeater series in 2023.

“We’ve got five hikes that are for all ages and various skill levels,” Bowman said. “Beginners are welcome to join us on just about any hike and just about any program in general. We have three riverbank cleanups to clean up around the Swannanoa River and some trail building as well.”

Bowman said the programs are “very accessible” as all activities other than rock-climbing are free. The Recreation & Parks department partnered with YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly for rock-climbing and charges $12 per person. Bowman said this cost includes two hours of climbing and all equipment needed. He said the only thing participants need to provide themselves are closed-toe shoes.

For the trail-building sessions, Bowman said the department is partnering with G5 Trail Collective. The group has been working on trails in Old Fort and will be providing instructions to participants on how to build trails in Black Mountain.

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Bowman said he participates in nearly every offering in the series, but his favorite would probably be the winter hikes.

He said many of the hikes are already full as they are hikes are usually limited to 15 participants and rock-climbing is limited to 10, but those still wishing to participate can sign up for the waiting list. According to Bowman, the wait lists are currently short and should they be chosen to move off the waiting list, participants will be notified the week of the event.

Black Mountain Recreation & Parks will be bringing back its annual Cabin Fever Defeater series in 2023.

Bowman said the series is a fun way to get outdoors during the colder months, and he hopes residents take advantage of it.

“It’s just a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking to get outdoors during the winter whenever it’s harder sometimes to get outdoors,” Bowman said. “We try to make it as easy as possible and encourage people to get outside and be active during the cold months. I hope people can see that it’s a good opportunity to do just that.”