Deck the Trees returns to Black Mountain

Karrigan Monk
Black Mountain News
Deck the Trees is in full swing for another year in Black Mountain.

Deck the Trees is in full swing for another year.

Trees depicting this year’s theme, “Let Heaven and Nature Sing,” went up at the Monte Vista Hotel and around town the week after Thanksgiving.

The event officially opened Dec. 2 and will run until Jan. 3.

Susan Denne worked with Black Mountain Rotary to decorate the organization's tree. She said she wanted to find a way to decorate the tree that would be healthy for the environment.

“One of the things I have always found as I’ve moved from church to church as a pastor was there are always a lot of old hymn books that people don’t know what to do with,” Denne said. “I thought a nice ecological way to do our tree as to take some of those hymn books and tear the pages out of them and make angels because it was about heaven and nature singing.”

The resulting tree is filled with these angels as well as paper chains and ornaments depicting the work Black Mountain Rotary does in town and around the world.

Black Mountain Rotary used pages of old hymnals to make angels for their entry into Deck the Trees.

Denne said she wanted the whole organization to get involved rather than just a few members to work on the tree. She said everyone was involved in making the paper chains.

Black Mountain Beautification Committee member Kate Ramsey said she coordinated the members of the group who helped decorate their tree, but the design was not hers alone.

“It’s a group process,” Ramsey said. “People go home and try different things…It’s just a gradual process of honing it down until we have things we think look good.”

The Black Mountain Beautification Committee used cardinals in their entry for Deck the Trees.

Each year Deck the Trees raises money for the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry Fuel Fund that helps keep those in need warm during the cold winter months.

To date, Deck the Trees has raised $192,510.14 for the fund.

Those who wish to vote can do so by placing cash or a check in the boxes beside each tree, or by donating online via the QR code by each tree or visiting

Ramsey said the fundraiser is important not just for the people who need help, but for those who are helping as well.

“I just think it’s hugely important both for building community among the people who do the helping and for the people that get the help,” Ramsey said.

The 2022 Deck the Trees theme is "Let Heaven and Nature Sing."

Denne also said Deck the Trees is important for both those being helped and those helping. She said the event shows “faith of the community.”

“The concept is wonderful because people want to be doing something good for other people during this time of the year and they don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot,” Denne said. “They can contribute to a tree that particularly suits their fancy. I also think it builds community in Black Mountain. I think a lot of people just look forward to this.”