'Good to be a Warhorse': Owen advances to fourth round of playoffs

Karrigan Monk
Black Mountain News
Owen's boys soccer team won 4-2 against Patton during the third round of playoffs.

Owen’s boys soccer team’s winning streak continued Nov. 7 with a 4-2 overtime win against Patton at home in the third round of playoffs.

The Warhorses have not lost in 14 games.

Coach Trei Morrison attributes this to the team’s hard work.

“Every day we come out and they are focused and they work hard and that’s what we talked about,” Morrison said. “Can we be locked in? Can we do the things we want to do and can we be better? It wasn’t about each day, it was about setting ourselves up to be successful.”

Morrison said Patton is a good team, and the strongest Owen faced this season to date. He said though the Warhorses started strong, they started to get in their own heads after their first goal.

Owen's boys soccer team won 4-2 against Patton during the third round of playoffs.

“That’s not the way we do things,” Morrison said. “We go and try and get the second, try to get the third and are aggressive. I think that changed the game a little bit for us and they got a foothold in the game. We made a couple of adjustments.”

Morrison said the team got back on track by the last 12 minutes of the first half. He said at that point the team was playing the way he wanted and despite the fact Patton scored two penalties in the second half, he felt Owen took over.

For junior Elijah Caro, who scored the game winning goal, this win was the highlight of the season.

“I think it would have to be this moment right here when that final whistle blew,” Caro said. “Just the emotion, I don’t even have words for it. It was amazing.”

Owen's boys soccer team won 4-2 against Patton during the third round of playoffs.

Caro said the team works hard every day to be able to get to the place where they are advancing to the fourth round of playoffs.

Junior Daniel Garcia, who celebrated his birthday on Nov. 7 during Owen’s third round win, said the Warhorses strength is not focusing on anything other than the game at hand.

“We’ve kept a lot of composure and we’ve been very humble since the beginning of the season,” Garcia said. “We don’t come to any game thinking we’re better than any other team. We just simply play.”

Garcia said he had never experienced a game like the one on Nov. 7 where his team was in the lead, had the other team tie the game and then came back in overtime to win.

Morrison said this win probably would not have been possible without the fans who came out that night.

Head coach Trei Morrison said the crowd played a part in Owen's 4-2 win over Patton in the third round of playoffs.

“It’s good to be at Owen High School,” Morrison said. “It’s good to be a Warhorse. I have to say what an unbelievably great fan group we had tonight. The fans were awesome. In the tough moments they helped pull us through. There was no doubt. Without those fans doing what they did, it would have been so much harder for us to do it. They gave us that edge and that bonus.”

Sophomore Davis Kendall, who Morrison called “the complete package,” said he’d never seen a fan base like that one.

Kendall agreed with his teammates and said that when the team acts together, they are at their best.

“For me, everybody’s together and I think that’s what Coach Trei tried to build us up on in the beginning when we first came out,” Kendall said. “We’re all a team, it’s all of us.”

Owen was scheduled to face North Forsyth on Nov. 10 in the fourth round of playoffs.