Owen boys soccer extend 5-game winning streak

Karrigan Monk
Black Mountain News
The Warhorses won Oct. 5's game 6-0.

Madison was no match for Owen’s boys soccer team Oct. 5.  

The Warhorses took home the victory 6-0, building their winning streak to five games.

Coach Trei Morrison said a shutout is nothing new for Owen. Its last three games — against Draughn, Mitchell and Avery County — all ended 9-0. Before that, they beat Polk County 7-0.

“We’re shutting teams out, we’re pressing really, really well,” Morrison said. “When we have the ball, our speed of play and our creativity is excellent. They really work hard to get to where they’re at.”

Morrison said the team works well together, and his players agree.

Senior Liam Gildner said the team is close on and off the field.

“I think that translates into our play,” Gildner said. “I think we have better and brighter things ahead of us than behind us. We’re not satisfied yet.”

With a coach switch only two games into the season, Owen has not stumbled. Oct. 5’s victory brings Owen to a 10-2-1 overall record and a 4-0 conference record.

Junior Elijah Caro said the coach switch was difficult for the team, but they adjusted quickly. He said he attributes the team’s success to each other.

Head coach Trei Morrison talks to the Warhorses during half-time Oct. 5.

“It’s probably been my best year,” Caro said. “Definitely to my teammates and to the coach and the overall chemistry we have with the team.”

Morrison said the team works hard every time they come together, whether it is at practice or a game. He said they are taking what they learned in practice and implementing it into their games.

“That’s where our success comes from,” Morrison said. “Their hard work and their desire to get better every day and every night.”

Specifically, Morrison said the team has been focusing on pressing and not “running around like headless people” trying to get the ball. He said the team has been working on different presses for different moments of play.

All but one goal was scored in the first half of Oct. 5’s game.

Morrison said the first half was some of the best soccer he had seen the team play.

Owen boys soccer team gathers together before its home game against Madison.

“It’s a shame that halftime had to come,” Morrison said. “If we could have just gone right into the second half, I think I would have been happy with that. We’re a little bit disappointed. We’ve been on a roll. We’ve been getting the nine goals and I think they just got in our head a little bit tonight.”

Morrison said he could have done a better job of keeping the team focused during halftime, but that he is still pleased with the result.

“If a down night for us is 6-0, then I’ll take that any day,” Morrison said. “I’m happy with it. I’m really proud of the way they played.”