Spot the Shop: Foothills Meats prepares new location while celebrating 20th anniversary

Ezra Maille
Black Mountain News
Casey McKissick founded Foothills in 2002, growing the business from a vendor at the Tailgate Market to a multi-location food service.

Celebrating 20 years in business, Casey McKissick began Foothills Meats in 2002 as a family farm selling homegrown meat at the Tailgate Market. This developed into food trucks, a butcher shop and eventually, multiple dining options. 

"Very mom-and-pop," McKissick said. "Fast forward some years, it turned from a meat company/butcher shop to a food service company."

As his children grow older, McKissick said he'd like to continue to maintain the farm side of the business, located in Old Fort. He said the food Foothills offers stems from what he personally enjoys. 

"I'm not a chef," McKissick said. "These are foods from my childhood. This is the way I like burgers made. Turns out a lot of people like that the same way as well."

Now, McKissick plans to open a new location, called Foothills Grange, to honor the grange movement of American agriculture that began more than 130 years ago. Grange will offer outdoor seating complete with picnic tables and shelters, 16 drink taps, simple cocktails, wine, slushies and of course, meat-centered food from a permanent food truck. The space will also offer a patio area and a play space for children. The new space features seating for 250 people.

McKissick plans to have Grange opened in August, offering live music in the summer and fall.

Foothills Grange, the new location of the business on Broadway Ave, plans to open in August.

Located on Broadway in downtown Black Mountain, McKissick said an alleyway running between the main road and Cherry Street was dedicated to the town for pedestrian access. After being closed by the former owner of the new Foothills location, McKissick decided to reopen the walkway with the intention of designing the new building around the space. 

"In general, the townspeople are very happy about what we're doing here because its a local company and its kind of reviving this historic spot," McKissick said. "The other thing that we did as soon as we got here and closed on it was to open that alley back up for pedestrian access."

The widely-recognized Foothills cow marks the location of Grange in downtown Black Mountain.

While the new location opens, due to limited staff and familiarity with the business, McKissick said the main Foothills location will be shut down. Once Grange is up and running, McKissick hopes to offer a dinner menu at the original location. The butcher shop will continue to stay open throughout the process.

"It's not fancy food but we call it honest meats because we only source our meat from a couple local farmers," McKissick said. "It's just business based on relationships."

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